Let's Talk Terpenes...

Love the sweet berry smells certain cannabis strains have? Or maybe you like a pungent skunky bud, with a bit of gas. Terpenes are oils that form alongside THC and CBD. They give cannabis strains their unique flavors, and guide the high.

Certain terpenes like Myrcene, can offer a more psychoactive euphoria by enhancing the effect of THC. Other terpenes like Humulene deliver an earthy smell, and are known to supress appetite. So if you're looking for strains that don't give you the munchies, those high in Humulene might be a good choice! Meanwhile, terpenes like Linalool can offer relaxation, and may deliver similar anti-anxiety effect to Lavender, where Linalool is found in large amounts.

When selecting your cannabis strains, let your nose guide you! If you enjoy the aroma of a certain strain, it's usually a good indicator that you'll enjoy the high.